Acoustic Modeling and Simulation

ACOUSTIC SIMULATION is an effective means of generating accurate noise development forecasts before the construction phase. In addition to numeric and graphic representations, various anticipated real world circumstances can be made audible in advance via auralisation.

The simulation of noise propagation and noise mapping permits us to examine noise emission dynamics in more complex situations. For instance, relevant sources of noise can be identified and the effectiveness of selected noise control measures can be tested.

The simulation of airborne and impact noise propagation allows us to reliably calculate the degree of protection that will be necessary to neutralise noise generated both inside and outside the building. Auralisation can be used to arrive at reliable evaluations of the noise protection that various structural elements are expected to have.
Room acoustics simulation enables the examination of the impact structural elements and architectural design are expected to have on acoustic quality. Auralisation can be used make the effect of the examined variables audible at any location in a given space.

An acoustic conflict can be avoided by applying simulation techniques before implementing a sound source; we can foresee the sound impact that activities or infrastructures will have on their surrounding environment.
  • We develop simulations and present acoustic contamination level prognostics.
  • We can predict acoustic insulation levels and indirectly transmit constructive solutions.
  • We perform auralisation and ensure audition quality in specific arenas.
  • We calculate sound maps.



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