Measurement and Testing

DEDICATED MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS for acoustics, audio and vibration by industry:
airborne and structure-borne sound insulation measurements, vibration speech intelligibility and room acoustics. We determine noise emissions from machines,
measure and evaluate emissions from industrial or environmental noise, conduct architectural acoustics measurements, and assess the compliance of machines and equipment with European noise protection directives.
Without site measurement data we would have no knowledge of how effective acoustic or noise design work has been or whether levels comply with client’s performance criteria. Site measurements are a scientific way of being able to determine success or failure of a project.

Noise Measurement Services provides acoustical consultancy services in the assessment, management and control of environmental and workplace noise. Our
site-specific reports present sound level measurements recorded and analysed, discuss the noise criteria to be achieved, identify noise mitigation measures
and recommends options to achieve the required design criteria. Noise management plans can be developed for industrial activities where different levels of compliance may be required over time. We have a very high capability and depth, in measurement of sound and vibration, including the latest in top range equipment to measure and
analyse noise and vibration.


  • Air-borne and structure-borne sound insulation measurement between rooms or indoor-outdoor areas
  • Impact noise measurements
  • Qualification of speech intelligibility STIPA
  • Architectural and room acoustic measurements
  • Unattended noise monitoring stations (mobile or fixed installations)
  • Urban noise monitoring and noise mapping according to directive 2002/49/EC
  • Verifying boundary noise level emission



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