Electroacoustics is a specialized branch of acoustics that focuses on the study and practical application of the interplay between electrical and acoustic phenomena. Its primary purpose is to explore the conversion of acoustic energy, represented by sound waves, into electrical energy, in the form of analog or digital signals, and the reverse process. In simpler terms, it's all about transducing sound into electrical signals and vice versa.

This field holds a pivotal role within the audio industry, as it encompasses the development of audio equipment, advancements in recording technology, and the enhancement of sound reinforcement systems. Beyond these conversions, electroacoustics encompasses a broad spectrum of activities related to acoustic events. This includes the generation, storage, amplification, transfer, and transmission of sound.

Notably, electroacoustics seamlessly integrates with virtually all other subfields of acoustics, primarily due to the extensive use of electro-acoustic components, particularly in the domain of acoustic measurement technology.

At CYAcoustics, we leverage cutting-edge computer software to model both existing and new designs, allowing us to predict their performance accurately. Additionally, we employ advanced computer-based measurement tools to precisely quantify the electroacoustical capabilities of handmade prototypes. This comprehensive approach empowers our clients with speaker systems optimized for reproducing speech, choral music, contemporary music, and more, tailored to suit a variety of room types and spaces.


  • Speaker System Design and Planning
  • Custom Loudspeaker Design
  • Home Cinema Detailed Design
  • Music Studio Detailed Design
  • Surround System Positioning and Sound Tests
  • Live Music Sound Measurements
  • Hearing Induction Loops Design
  • Evacuation System Measurements