Regulation, Legal and Assessment of Noise

CYAcoustics consultancy services (measurements, criteria, study, solutions) follow national, European and international acoustic regulations and standards. Regulations are a set of rules, standards, and guidelines established by government authorities or other regulatory bodies to control and manage noise levels in various environments and situations. Compliance with acoustic regulations is important to prevent excessive noise and its negative impacts on public health and well-being.

If you're currently grappling with noise issues stemming from sources such as traffic, music, or machinery, or you're facing noise complaints from neighbors, local authorities, or regulatory agencies, seeking legal guidance is crucial. Understanding your rights, responsibilities, potential liabilities, and effective strategies for resolving these complaints is essential.

When it comes to acquiring legal advice related to acoustics, CYAcoustics stands out with its specialization and extensive experience in addressing noise-related legal matters. Our experts are well-equipped to provide valuable insights on how to navigate the intricate legal landscape surrounding acoustics. We offer assistance in achieving compliance with noise regulations, representing your interests in legal disputes, and aiding you in comprehending your rights and obligations in various acoustics-related scenarios.

It's important to note that legal advice should forms the foundation of a noise and vibration assessment, which entails a systematic evaluation of the noise environment in a specific location or area. The primary objective of such an assessment is to meticulously measure, analyze, and document various aspects of noise in accordance with specific acoustic criteria.


  • Site surveys in accordance with appropriate standards and criteria.
  • Modelling noise impact
  • Preparation of evident and detailed reports
  • Preparation of Witness Statements, Proof of Evidence writing, etc.
  • Attendance at council meetings, public enquiries, licensing hearings, courts of all types.
  • Negotiated settlements, meetings of experts, conditions.