Acoustic Measurement and Testing

Acoustic measurements and testing involve the quantification and evaluation of sound and its properties in various environments and applications. These measurements are essential for assessing and controlling noise and vibration levels, ensuring the appropriate study and consultancy in the various aspects of acoustics, according to acoustic criteria and requirements.

CYAcoustics specializes in conducting various measurements and tests, employing specialized equipment that adheres to National, European, and International acoustic standards. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, including environmental noise assessment, interior noise evaluation, airborne and impact insulation testing, sound absorption measurements, vibration analysis, and audio equipment testing.

These services are offered for both indoor and outdoor environments, such as construction sites, factories, residential buildings, schools, offices, and more.

To deliver the most accurate and reliable results, we employ state-of-the-art acoustic tools and software for the analysis of our measurements and testing data. This ensures that we can provide a scientifically acoustic evaluation, valid outputs, and appropriate consultancy for every project or task.


  • Airborne sound insulation measurements
  • Impact sound insulation measurements
  • Room acoustics measurements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Short and long noise measurements
  • Unattended noise monitoring station
  • Urban noise monitoring and noise mapping